Heartbreak, ‘Failure’ & The ‘Myth of Forever’

I’ve given up trying to figure out the universes plan for me. I’ve also, if I’m 100% honest given up on what I now call the ‘myth of forever’. The myth that something has to last a lifetime to be sacred, valuable or sublime. For instance, my relationship with the father of my children (my childhood sweetheart & ex-husband)…. lasted … Read More

The little acknowledged “must do” to flourish in health, work & love.

My MAN!! Haven’t seen him in four weeks. Won’t see him for three more! That’s the reality of long-distance love. annnnd… to make it work, do you know what it requires? Aha, yup, yes…all those things- Trust, Patience, Commitment, Independence, Selfies ;-)..and… It also requires something else. Something that we need in our relationships, our careers, our health…that no one … Read More

To Reboot Or Not To Reboot?

That is the question. If you search for the definition of ‘reboot’ on the web it will say (in reference to a computer or computer system) ‘to shut down and restart/boot again’. I love this as it offers a beautifully, clear metaphor of when exactly we should reboot our bodies or lives. We reboot our computers when they are stuck. When … Read More

Thanks For Stopping By!

Hey! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so honoured that you’re here! My name is Marina Perry. I’m the founder and owner of PURE Health Clubs, as well as creator and curator of the innovative business and life programs, Dreambuilder and Entity Identity. Through my companies, I’ve helped thousands of men and women transform their health, reclaim their … Read More

Snorkelling & Self Development: Are You Afraid Of Diving Below The Surface?

Snorkelling and self development…same, same. I’ve realised on my recent trip to the Maldives that I love snorkelling for the same reasons I love to life coach. Looking from the outside, at the surface, we get one picture….perhaps aquamarine waters or turmultuous seas; or a high achieving got-it-all-together human or perhaps a person presenting as an angry sad individual. But … Read More

Quality Over Quantity

We’ve heard it plenty of times before. One true, good friend is worth a dozen false friends. 100% One good, hard working team member is better than several slackers. One good man (or woman) is worth the weight of many. So I’m sure you’ll agree more often than not, the saying rings true. Of course there will be the exception, … Read More

Choices. Commitment. Change.

2017 has me all kinds of excited! How about you? I’m stepping up and hoping you are too. Stepping up to bring to myself and the world, the best of me. I’m determined to show up in all my glory! No, I don’t mean naked. I’m committed to being authentic and owning who I am without apology! Who’s with me? … Read More

A Laterally Shifting Patella Changed My Life

PILOT TO PILATES Yup. A kneecap caused a powerful directional life change. It took me from pilot to pilates. It created a new genre of workout and birthed a brand that would essentially reveal and embody my life’s purpose. One unstable, unbalanced knee. Ironically, I feel that my unbalanced knee and the resultant affect the Reformer machine had on it … Read More