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Do you feel as though you’re holding yourself back from being everything you’re meant to be?

Do you feel like your dreams are slipping further and further away from you… or that they are constantly stuck at the same distance out of your reach?  They are.

Do you feel confused about the right path and how to affect genuine and lasting change?  You are.

Do you feel as though you sabotage your own efforts or constantly hit roadblocks that prevent you from moving forward?  You do.

How do I know this is true?

Because you’re human.

  • You’re wired to resist change, to seek to maintain the safety of your existing reality, even when your current reality is unfulfilling, frustrating or even painful.

  • You’re wired to recreate cycles of similarity to that do nothing but reaffirm out-dated faulty belief patterns.

  • You’re wired to fear failure and success (ironically!) and to doubt your worth, ability and deservedness.


…some people are masters of change.

They’re fearless in the pursuit of their dreams and know they are worthy of love, abundance and joy.

Hmmmm…. Interesting right?

Wouldn’t you like to be one of the humans that rewires their system to break free of merely SURVIVING and instead, steps into THRIVING?!

Would you like to move away from:

  • Self doubt and fear of failure
  • Feeling like you’re not good enough
  • Feeling confused about your life purpose or what’s right for you
  • Negative self talk and a mindset of lack & fear
  • Feeling like it’s not OK or safe to be your true self
  • The fight, the push, the trying and the fatigue

Would you like to step into:

  • Clarity, and with a clear direction and certainty
  • Ease and calm in your everyday
  • Confidence to be who you really are and know it’s enough
  • A future you, that lives the life of their dreams
  • Deep, connected, authentic and rewarding relationship (with yourself and others)
  • A space of love, grace and effortless flow
  • Energy, abundance, joy and vitality

Well you can. Simply in fact.

The reality is….change is easy. Simple and fun even…and absolutely fascinating. When you do undertake the process in the RIGHT way and do the WORK that will set you free.

“It was a really good experience. I came away understanding myself a lot better and realising some of things I’ve done in the past haven’t been good for me, and how to move forward, so I recommend it highly.”



The DREAMBUILDER PROGRAM is a Three Day Transformational experience that steps you simply through the amazingly effective WORK to facilitate powerful positive change, plus gives you the skills to repeat that process again and again forever.

Marina Perry, your course facilitator (and qualified Advanced NLP life coach, family systems expert and holographic kinetics practitioner) will do all the heavy lifting for you as she holds your hand and guides you through the process of losing your limits, loving your life and loving your dreams.

To live a life you love, you have to become your higher self. The version of you who:

  • Speaks their truth
  • Knows what they want
  • Acts in alignment with their true desire
  • Says NO to guilt, shame, obligation and blame
  • Says YES to self-love, opportunity, play, passion and purpose
  • Lives with an open heart
  • Is brave, intentional and aligned

You will gain, learn and experience:

  • Clarity on the future you are really destined for
  • A tangible, workable roadmap to use to get there
  • The ability to see and edit your old sabotage patterns
  • The weeding out of faulty thought processes and limiting beliefs
  • The opportunity to implant powerful beneficial beliefs
  • An ‘Empowered Decisions’ filter process that will enable you to make clear, empowering decisions with confidence
  • The ability to connect to your true inner knowing
  • The cutting of old ties and past constraints
  • Skills to stop over-analysing or replaying old dramas
  • Self love and the ability to craft a life your truly love

“I just finished the 3 day Dreambuilder course and I’m feeling elated. I had so much to let go of and this has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I have done courses like this over the past few years but this one really brought it home for me. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”


“If there’s one thing I can take away from it, it’s don’t overestimate everything. There’s definitely some skills and tools I learned from Marina that I know I’m going to use for the rest of my life. So take that step (and this is coming from a guy who normally hates personal development) but I really loved it.”


We only have one life. So don’t waste yours.

DREAMBUILDER is for you if:

  • You’ve been procrastinating your life away, and you want that to change
  • You sometimes honestly feel like there are 2 “you’s”. The ‘you’ who says they want something and the ‘you’ who does the complete opposite
  • You have been hiding behind “confusion” and “indecision” and “not ready yet” and “the time’s not right”, and … (do we need to go on?)… for far too long

It’s for you if you want to:

  • Break out of your rut and reach your potential
  • Move from fear to freedom and fulfilment
  • Experience purpose, meaning and deep connection to source, others, yourself and life
  • Uncover your true self and develop the power to own your awesome every day

Give yourself the tools to ‘level up’.

DREAMBUILDER will empower you to become the truly unique, magnificent being that you are, with:

  • Clarity on your desired future – your compelling vision that will tow you forwards in life
  • Access to an inner compass to instantly and effortlessly discover the right course for your soul and purpose
  • Skills to be untouchable / unaffected by the negativity or limiting beliefs of others
  • Strategies to outsmart and gracefully negotiate your signature sabotage cycle
  • A cleared slate – freeing you from all ties to others holding you back
  • Leverage to create change
  • A powerful tool to enable you to step out of ‘busy’ and step into purposeful action
  • Almost ‘magical’ processes that will gift you then ability to always see the positive, gain the lesson and avoid trade in anger, regret and the lack mentality
  • A recoding on a cellular level that enables an un-resisted progression through the steps of your unique journey to fulfilment

“I’d just say I’d 110% recommend it to anyone. I have gained so much clarity and an understanding of my what my morals and values are. And I would just say go for it. You might be scared or think it’s not for me but it’s just really a great experience with a great bunch of people.”



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$2,497 Only $1,497

Join us at Dreambuilder for 40% off!

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Secure your spot in our famous DREAMBUILDER PROGRAM, hosted by your program facilitator and coach, Marina Perry.

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