2018 Entity Identity Program Preview

Come and learn more about the ENTITY IDENTITY PROGRAM at our live preview event, hosted by your program facilitator and coach, Marina Perry.

Opening soon

Unleash your amazing gift & idea.
Create the dream, then bring it to life.


What if..?

In 2 days you could accomplish 2 years of work?

What if..?

In 2 days you could fast track 2 years of powerful action and avoid a lifetime of costly mistakes?

What if..?

In 2 days you could be taught by an entrepreneur at the top of her game who’ll share what it takes to get there?

Would you grab that opportunity (and those 2 days) with both hands..?


You should if:

  • You want to feel like an empowered, focused, confident and unstoppable entrepreneurial genius (in 48 hours!)

  • You want your brand/business/idea to grow gigantum wings and take flight like never before!

  • You want to understand (& master) the secret to successful branding, packaging, promotion and growth of a business.


Be the captain of your industry. Lead the way for others.

Create & launch or rebrand & reposition your brand for bountiful influence & success.

For EXISTING BUSINESS OWNERS who need a leg up, a relaunch or a powerful push to profits…

For BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS who want to stop dreaming and start doing…

  • Side step all the biggest mistakes that even the smartest business people make
  • Gain clarity on their unique point of difference, who want to understand their true value and convey that for effortless conversion and growth
  • Establish multiple revenue streams, optimise customer experience and maximise customer spend
  • Understand how to build and fill a funnel then convert and upsell a client
  • Establish a position in the market that they can own, been known as the expert of and easily attract their ideal market

“I’ve been thinking about doing a business for a very long time, but I never had the confidence or really the tools to bring it to fruition. So I’m just thrilled to be able to say that I feel very confident about being able to bring my product to market.”


Over 2 days, you will:

Gain crystal clear clarity on your business purpose, its mission, its values, persona and position. Using the Entity Identity EDIT ™ process you will become empowered to:

  • Stand out in the market
  • Express clearly and concisely your point of difference
  • Speak to your audience for maximised conversion
  • Save time and money on marketing, training and follow-up

And learn to:

  • Master your message to market match by clarifying who your ideal client is and all the powerful knowledge you need to must have about them to be able to effortlessly attract an abundance of them
  • Create all your systems and processes, your packages, positioning and product channels including clear ascension models, plus your marketing plan and primary funnels
  • Look for, audit and seize the right opportunities, knowing what to manage, how to measure and when to modify

“I’ve had a business idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while and this weekend has given me the tools and unique processes to get stuck in, come up with my brand which is really exciting. It’s really helped me move my business idea forward, where I felt stuck before, so I thoroughly recommend it.”


“I’ve walked away with a full plan for my business and a to do list for how to start and how to achieve my goals. It’s been a great weekend, well worth the time, so I recommend booking in.”


Essentially, you’ll be led through a proven Blueprint for success.

Every lesson learnt, and step taken… you’ll have your hand held by someone who’s sharing from a place of knowing, someone who will apply years of expertise to you and your business.

Meet your mentor.

MARINA PERRY is today the founder and CEO of the Pure Collective but in her years as a self-made entrepreneur she has:

  • Created, branded and launched 10 brand/businesses herself and literally 100’s of successful products
  • Helped several dozens of clients create and launch, or rebrand and reposition their ideas or businesses for growth and success
  • Written and published a book
  • Created and sold a franchised business
  • Built a business that’s lasted 16 years and that employs 45+ staff
  • Balanced 2 children, a long distance love affair, a serious case of wanderlust and a passion for health and fitness alongside her career (#balancemaster)
  • Amassed 17 years of coalface entrepreneurial experience…..which all means…

But wait, does that mean…?

Signing on for Entity Identity means you will NOT be taught THEORY by a TEACHER of business – someone who understand the concepts but has never personally applied it.


Signing on for Entity Identity means you WILL be taught real-world strategies from an authentic soul-wired-entrepreneur who has succeeded (and failed) her way UP the wonderful ladder of business, to become one of Australia’s most innovative, creative and constantly growing and evolving CEO’s.

No punches will be pulled.

No BS accepted.

Marina takes the bull by the horns and gives you an insane amount of value.

She shares the BEST of what she knows and what WORKS.

Her dream is to see more thriving creative businesses lead by open-hearted passionate business people.

CEO’S who are get to enjoy the fruits of their labour of love, their legacy.

She plays full out. She leads with purpose. She’s has your back and is committed to you getting it done and stepping up, stepping out.

Out into the word with your masterpiece, ready to THRIVE.


Come see what to expect at Entity Identity.

SPECIAL EVENT: 20 March 2018

2018 Entity Identity Program Preview

Come and learn more about the ENTITY IDENTITY PROGRAM at our live preview event, hosted by your program facilitator and coach, Marina Perry.

Opening soon