A Whole Womanhood Event…

An Evening with…

  • Alexi Panos
  • Emily Gallagher
  • Amber Valdez
    hosted by Marina Perry

    If you’re a woman WANTING IT ALL but feeling like you often miss the mark or struggle with the balance… this event is for you.

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    Marina Perry

    A local business success story having started Pure Health Clubs 17 years ago and numerous other wellbeing brands & companies, Marina is essentially a positive change facilitator, obsessed with the alchemy of transformation... be that within our bodies, our health, our minds, hearts or identities! She is a seeker & sharer of wisdom & wonder and as a life and business coach empowers people to live from their heartspace & step into their higher self. An advocate for play, pleasure and the pursuit of your souls purpose Marina will guide the evening in a way that delivers inspiration, education and entertainment.

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    Are you ready to…

    Receive permission to play full out and own your awesome
    Be inspired to live imperfectly and embrace your everything
    Learn tools and tips on how to play in the world without losing your identity
    Gain insights on how you can meet all your needs & nurture your magic

    If you…

    Are craving a real, raw and authentic conversation with amazing women
    Want to dive deep on how we each get to be the fullest expression of ourselves in life.
    Are curious about the concept of whole womanhood and how do you get to play the game differently…

    If you’re done with…

    Playing the game by the rules of others
    Feeling unfulfilled and burnt out, unseen and unappreciated
    Ticking boxes and crushing to-do lists whilst still feeling hollow

    Then this amazing event is for you…. and all your soul sisters!

    Come and engage in a different conversation.... one where ALL of you is welcome, no damn it... celebrated!

    Watch, listen and drink in the magical wisdom as Marina Perry interviews a panel of REAL wonder woman.

    Women who are having and being it all.

    Women living in authentic alignment with their truth.

    Women dancing in the flow of all their "parts" and embracing all their roles.

    Women lit up and loving life, showing up fully and playing big.


    Alexi Panos

    Is a word leading Transformational Thought Leader, a Conscious Content Creator, committed to empowering others to own their greatness and live a life they are completely OBSESSED with. She is on a mission to make personal development mainstream by synthesizing big ideas into fun, bite-sized nuggets of goodness that spread throughout the world and create a ripple effect of positivity and love! Named one of ORIGIN Magazine’s TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, one of 15 WOMEN THAT WOW by Creative Magazine, and one of the stars of breakout documentary’s THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR and RISE UP. Alexi has authored the books 50 Ways To Yay! and NOW OR NEVER (co-authored with her hubby, co-parent and #PartnerInShine Preston Smiles!).

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    Emily Gallagher

    Emily is a connector, coach, Ted X speaker, experience creator and obsessive collaborator. As the founder of the Conscious Boss Clique, a growing network of 2000 wellness entrepreneurs who come together in person & online to learn form business leaders and to connect to a community, Emily is passionate about empowering women and creating a tribe.

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    Amber Valdez

    Best Selling Author, Speaker, and YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader.
    Ambers mission is to let everyone know how much they matter, to show them that they’re worthy and that their purpose matters! She is the queen of positive mindset and programming into all her students how to use powerful language to become their own biggest cheerleaders so that they may live their purpose, become the happiest version of themselves, and manifest their dreams into reality.

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    Future Whole Womanhood Events…

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