My MAN!! Haven’t seen him in four weeks. Won’t see him for three more!

That’s the reality of long-distance love.

annnnd… to make it work, do you know what it requires?

Aha, yup, yes…all those things- Trust, Patience, Commitment, Independence, Selfies ;-)..and…

It also requires something else. Something that we need in our relationships, our careers, our health…that no one really talks about.

The reason no one talks about this “one thing” is it feels like betrayal or weakness to admit that it’s even needed.

I want to lift the lid, so we can all accept that it is a necessary part of any & all success.

In all areas of our life.

This one ingredient ALL worthwhile endeavours require?


We hate to admit it… but we can fall out of anything easily.

Am I right, or am I right??!!

Ask anyone…is it easy? Yup!

We can fall off the Health horse. Ooohhhh this one is so easy… 3 days into a new program we can slide sideways. Back to old habits. Sooooo easy. So known…& comfortable.

And…. equally we can get complacent about a partner/friend or who is there all day, every day, JUST as we can get disconnected from a partner/friend that’s a loooooong way away.

We can get disillusioned and lacklustre about our work and careers after it become the daily doings for awhile.

All areas. All things. We can tune out. Switch off. Lose traction.

The daily doings drain us and we forget.

Forget why we started… forget why, at one point this “thing” was all we ever wanted!

When this drop in commitment and connection occurs… its time to assess.

Yes, sometimes its a sign to walk away, to pivot, or to sever ties. It pays to check in and see if, as we’ve grown, have theses “goals/aspirations” stayed aligned.

Sometimes though, it’s time to re-enrol.

To re-commit, to refocus and to remember WHY.

Why is this valuable and important to me? To my life?

What about this job, career, relationship, person, place, goal, vision…had me once so fired up and excited.

In a world so quick to throw things away in favour of the NEW…

To seek instant gratification and get all our itches scratched inside a nano-second…

We’ve lost sight of what commitment means.

What integrity to our wants and desires looks like.

And how valuable it is.

Commitment means riding the highs and lows. The ebbs and the ecstatic flows.

When we only ever look for quick wins. Quick fixes…nothing ever gets properly fixed does it, and we never really truly win. We have a life full of empty victories, a wall full of trophies but nothing of meaning or worth.

Real winning requires perseverance, persistence, showing up and staying the course.

So next time you’re “done” with the “hardness” of your health kick. Re-enrol.

Stop looking to be “perfect” and instead focus on how becoming healthier in small ways really does make you feel better.

Decide that a slow slide towards healthy with a few pauses (and re-enrolments!!) is still the better option than constantly chasing and dropping off the new “next big thing/quick fix”.

The later is literally choosing to stay in place chasing your tail, even though there is plenty of “movement/action”.

Next time you are “done with” or complain about your job, your house, your car or any other belongings or experience….check in and recall why this job (or those things) was once your dream reality and instead express gratitude for the gifts they are to you.

And if when you assess and check in – you honestly hate your job, or any of the above…change, move, shift, pivot, give it to charity… let it go and re-align.

Annnnnd when you feel disconnected from your partner…

Let down by them, disappointed in yourself or in any other way out of alignment …

Before you walk or look for the “better” option, the “easier” option…

Know that wherever you next go, or whatever you next take on, you take yourself there too.

Life is less about what we get, achieve or have… & more about who we are in the process, the “being” of all of that.

Once upon a time you saw a future vision, a potential that inspired you. That had you start along that path.

Check in. If it’s still a yearning of your soul, if it’s still aligned…don’t quit or run…


It’s not always that things are broken.

But rather that we broke down and got stuck on the track.

And we just need to reignite and get rolling again…

We need to take a breathe, set our sights again… reclaim our desire and… RE-ENROL!

Learning how to re-ignite our efforts is as important to that first ignition spark.

Like so many things… change, growth, evolution, or lighting that literal fire… it doesn’t take or stick on the first go…we need to keep striking the match, keep re-igniting… keep re-enrolling.

Here’s to richly re-enrolling your way to your dreams.

M xox

QUESTIONS for self knowledge & growth:
Which area of your life do you easily and frequently re-enrol?
Which area of your life do you resist re-enrolling in?
What lets you know you need to re-enrol?
What lets you know it’s time to let go?

Feel free to comment your thoughts, observation and feelings in the comments below 🙂 x