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Hi, I am Marina Perry!

As a Self-Sovereignty Coach; Whole Womanhood Activist; entrepreneur and mother to two girls…
I’m on a mission to empower every woman with the tools and core compass she needs to explore and expand her experience and expression of herself.

To embody her wholeness, magnify her more and live her light!

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Whole Womanhood Online Collective.

A space dedicated to you embodying your fullest magnificence. Be sure to check competition & comparison at the door as this is a place of celebration, collaboration & community.

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If you’re committed to creating change but feel unsure where to start. I got you. Request a Free 15 min Compass Call and we’ll chat about where you are at and which next step will best offer you the transformation you seek.

For decades now I’ve been a positive change facilitator, obsessed with the alchemy of transformation.

At my core, I’m simply a seeker and sharer of truth, wisdom and wonder. I bliss-out helping people live from their heart space & step into their higher self. I even have a program just for that (#dreambuilder)! I’m a wildly optimistic movement junkie, whose eternally entrepreneurial, passionately playful and constantly curious. In short ….

I’m just a Gypsy Goddess Queen embracing perfectly-imperfect heart-full living.

How would it feel to live with Purpose, Pleasure and Play? Everyday!




We’ve all been wired to think that everything we need to feel happy, loved & successful resides OUTSIDE of ourselves. So everyones on a constant chase for EXTERNAL accolades. Yet no ones happy, satisfied or fulfilled!

Crazy! And yet it all makes sense. It’s the garden we tend, that blooms fullest. The ‘more’ that really needs magnification – is your magnificence. We must dive inside and IGNITE whats always been WITHIN us.

What’s been waiting to be breathed back to WHOLENESS.

Only from this space of full ILLUMINATION can we a IMPACT the world with love & light.

Are you ready to Ignite, Illuminate & Impact?!

That’s what I help people do: Own their awesome, stand sovereignty and show up whole.
I’d love to help you too, because honestly…

We’ve all gotten far to good at:

  • Staying small
  • Being confused
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Laying blame, guilt & shame
  • Feeling frustrated & stuck & self sabotaging
  • Doubting our worth, capability & deservedness!

And honestly gorgeous, its all BS! Enough already! Right?!
I’d love to help you ascend it all. To activate and awaken fully.
Wanna join this illumination army? I hope so!

The world needs your light, it needs us all shining bright.

Work with me. There are so many ways!

Online Programs

Whether it’s to enhance your health, happiness or heartfulness – I’ve got plenty of online programs to help you expand into your potential!

Live Events

From my signature 3 Day DREAMBUILDER Experience to Retreats, Gatherings, Workshops & immersions…I’m all about tangible tools for transformation. Talk is cheap. Lets create real change.

One on One Coaching & IMPACT

Apply for One-on-one coaching or to join next years intake for IMPACT: The program that teaches founders to expand their being & explode their brand.


We must journey inward to the compass of our heart, learn to listen to our spirit & act from that space of PURE knowing & truth to reclaim our Wholeness & embody our Sovereignty.

This revolutionary act of our way of being aligning with our truth will empower us to serve our purpose & all of humanity at the highest level.

Join me for juicy conversations & content on stepping into even more health, happiness & heartfulness!

This inspiring & informative fusion of interviews, chats, training and rants is purposely curated to help you access & awaken your heart space, expand into your wholeness, stand sovereign and live your dreams!
Come join the conversation….

Tools of Transformation

There is no right place to begin. No correct way to unfold. Forget anyone else’s PLAN & allow you PATH to be revealed to you. As for which program is best for you right now… well that honestly depends on where you are on your journey & what part of you is most seeking expression, healing or transformation…

Whole Womanhood

Rip up & rewrite the rules. Shed the stories & shame. Override outdated contracts of obligation. Transcend guilt, blame, doubt & lack. Step into self trust, self knowing, self acceptance & self love till you STAND in your sovereignty once again.

The School of Growth

Each program inside TSOG is designed to help you unfold into the fullest expansion of your truth, wholeness & sovereignty. Magnify your more by ELEVATING your Energy, Empowerment, Expression & Enterprise.

Gifts & Goodies

Life is indeed a gift, and so are you.

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